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Plastic mobile bathroom or wooden mobile bathroom, iron mobile bathroom can be used at street, park, beach, etc that we always see at those public place. AT the end of 2016 our company is really exciting about research and development a new mobile bathroom which is made by stainless steel. Now let’s see what the new products look like? How is it property? We name it by “KG-SH1” and title is “Dubai style top cover simple shower room for home”, From outward “KG-SHI” can make by 304 or 316 stainless steel so that is smooth and clear and blemish free which is easy to wash, environmental, durable. You can also change the outside color as you like. Inside of the bathroom which includes toilet seat, wash basin, shower tray, shower head, mirror, tower rack, cabinet and faucet. The new stainless steel mobile bathroom “KG-SH1”is quiet usefully and multifunctional. Specially, “KG-SH1” combines toilet and shower room together enable to move wherever you need conveniently.