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How to take care of hair after softening? A coup for you to repair damaged hair!

Many girls feel that their hair is very hard, so they do softening hair. After softening the hair, you must pay attention to maintaining the hair. How to maintain the softened hair? Today, the hairdresser street editor will bring you several treatments for damaged hair The method, let’s take a look!

   After softening the hair, it can be treated with conditioner

After softening your hair, you must do regular hair care. For example, you can apply conditioner to the tips of your hair every time you wash your hair, because conditioner has the effect of softening the hair and can also prevent softened hair. Split fork.


 After softening the hair, you can treat it with olive oil

Regularly applying olive oil to hot hair is also a good way to care for the hair. It is mainly for the scalp and hair tips, which is absolutely necessary. This not only reduces the split ends of the hair, but also maintains the hair. The moisture of the roots makes the hair healthier and moisturized.

   After softening the hair, it can be treated with a mask

   After the hair has softened, some maintenance is still needed. It is best to buy a box of hair mask, 2-3 times a week, and apply it directly after shampooing. This is more cost-effective than going to a hairdresser for treatment, and the effect is similar.

   After softening the hair, massage the scalp and dry the hair naturally

When you wash your hair, you should massage your scalp with your fingers instead of your nails. After washing your brazilianhairtop hair, don't rub the tips of your brazilian hair with a towel. It is best to use a towel with strong water absorption, like a massage head. The hair is the same. Dip the hair dry without dripping water. Let the hair dry naturally afterwards. This is very effective in maintaining the hair.

 The softened hair can be treated with beer

   Wash the hair first, dry it, then spread beer evenly on the hair, and massage it to penetrate the roots. Rinse with clean water after 10 minutes. This will not only make your head shine, but also prevent hair from drying out and promote hair growth.


After softening, the hair can be treated with scallions

   First, pound the shallots into a puree shape, wrap them with gauze, and gently pat the scalp with it to make the shallot juice evenly spread on the scalp and hair. After a few hours, wash your hair again to eliminate the annoying dandruff.