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Air source heat pump water heater use error solution

In recent years, with the implementation of the national coal-to-electricity policy, air-source heat pump water heaters created by heat pump water heater suppliers have gradually entered the field of vision. However, in the use of air source heat pump water heaters, many people have such misunderstandings.


Air source heat pump water heaters use these misunderstandings

1. Big noise

Surveys have shown that many people believe that air source heat pump water heaters have compressors and that the compressors are noisy when they work, which can affect daily life. However, this is not the case.

First, let's find out the source of noise for air energy water heaters. There are two sources of noise: First, the noise generated by the fan components in the water heater; Second, the improper installation of the body, not to do a good job of shockproof work, resulting in internal pipelines and The shell produces a collision and generates noise.

However, this phenomenon is already a thing of the past. At present, the air energy industry is no longer the same as before, and the problem of noise has long been solved by various air energy companies. Today's water heaters are mostly equipped with dual-turbo large fan configurations, and use lower speeds to achieve the effect of small fans. We all know that the lower the fan speed, the lower the noise, and the appropriate sound insulation measures, can effectively reduce equipment The sound at work makes the sound as low as 50dB.

2. The use of difficult operation complex

Many people said that air-source heat pump water heaters are mostly purchased for parents, and worry that the operation is too complicated and parents will not use it. In fact, this worry is not necessary either. Air source heat pump water heaters as fourth-generation water heaters will only be better and will not be more difficult to use. At present, most of the air source heat pump water heaters use the "one-key setting" design. The water heater has a control panel, only need to set the heating temperature of the water heater through remote control or a touch screen, and the water heater will automatically absorb the heat in the air to obtain hot water. A high degree of automation, even for the elderly is also easy to operate.

3. The long wait for hot water

Some people think that the air energy water heater tank is large and it takes a long time to heat a bucket of water. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding of people's thinking.

Electric water heaters are the second generation of water heaters, and air energy water heaters are the fourth generation of water heaters. The two are not the same. Although they are all water storage water heaters, the capacity of electric water heaters is generally not 100 L. Adults need about 50L of hot water to complete a bath, so electric heaters need to be heated repeatedly. Air-energy water heaters are different. The capacity of most product water tanks can reach 150 or even 200L, which is much higher than that of electric water heaters. Coupled with the improvement of air-heating technology, the heating time of the equipment has been greatly shortened and once heated, the bathing of the whole family is no longer a dream.

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