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Introduction of Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

Basic information on swimming pool dehumidifiers

If you have an indoor pool, then keeping the air in the pool at proper humidity room is indispensable . To do that, you need to have a swimming Pool dehumidifier.

Humidity is another word for moisture or water vapor in the air. When warm and humid air encounters a cold surface, water vapor condenses and forms water droplets. We can often see there are condensate on the windows. It will not damage the windows, but the water will soon be immersed into your floor, walls, roof and window frames, causing corrosion, rot wood, mold bacteria and bacterial growth. The ideal relative humidity of the pool room should be among 60% to 65%. When the relative humidity is higher than 70%, the atmosphere will become uncomfortable. And when less than 60%, the air is too dry, making swimmers feel unpleasant.

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How does the dehumidifier work?

The pool dehumidifier is specially designed to handle high humidity air in the lobby of the indoor pool. The technology required in dehumidifiers is similar with refrigeration and heat pumps. That's why many pool heat pump manufacturers also make pool dehumidifiers.

The dehumidifier comprises a large metal plate cooled by the refrigerant . The cold plate causes moisture in the air to condense and the condensate from the plate will drip onto the collection tray and be pumped. Like a heater having a thermostat to regulate the temperature, the dehumidifier has a humidity regulator to maintain a proper humidity set by the owner.



What else can be done to reduce humidity?

The surface area of the pool is not the only consideration. The size of the pool room is also important, as air flows through it. Ventilation systems may also be required in large rooms. Ventilation can remove the humid air in the pool and replace it with external air. This will help reduce the amount of work that the dehumidifier must do.

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