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Six Features of Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

Feature 1. Safety. Because it is not used directly heated by electric heating element, the relative electric water heater, to eliminate the leakage of the security hidden danger;Relative gas water heater, no gas leak, or safety concerns, such as carbon monoxide poisoning, thus has more excellent safety performance.


Feature 2. Comfortable. Air source heat pump water heater is regenerative heating function will start automatically according to the temperature of the tank, to ensure sufficient supply, hot water 24 hours so as not to appear like a gas water heater can't satisfy the multiple problems with hot water faucet, at the same time also won't appear electric water heater capacity is small, many people take a shower to wait.Out-of-the-box hot water, large water yield, water temperature stability, meet all your expectations of hot water.


Feature 3. Save money. Due to its power consumption only a quarter of the amount of electric water heater, which is equivalent to using the same amount of hot water, the use of air source heat pump water heater, only a quarter of the electric heating bills.Can be calculated by a family of four, normal hot water usage in 200L/day or so, electric water heater heating, electricity is about 4 yuan/day, and household solar power generation system of air source heat pump water heater is just offer 1 yuan/day, electricity can save about 1000 yuan a year.

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Feature 4. Green environmental protection.Water heater burning gas by burning combustible gas heating hot water, large amounts of carbon dioxide emissions at the same time, the harmful gas such as sulfur dioxide.Air source heat pump water heater is only transfers heat from the surrounding air to the water, fully achieve zero emissions, almost does not affect to the environment, is the real environmental protection water heater.


Feature 5. Low-carbon fashion.In today's energy conservation and emissions reduction has become the trend of the times, save energy and reduce carbon emissions is one of the most fashionable way of life.As mentioned earlier, air source heat pump water heater uses a reverse carnot principle, the energy is transferred to the water in the air, not directly use electric heating element to heat, so its energy efficiency can be up to 4 times of electric water heater, that is the same amount of hot water heating, power consumption is equivalent to a quarter of the electric water heater, greatly saves the consumption of electricity.


Feature 6. Intelligent control.Unit by microcomputer control automatic mode, according to the water tank water temperature and water users, automatic start-stop, without someone unattended.

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