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The main advantages of air source heat pump water heater

Air source heat pump water heater created by air source heat pumps manufacturers is a relatively new product, it is both gas water heater safety, energy saving and environmental protection, and relatively electric water heater and fuel water heater in terms of lower energy consumption, while solving the lack of solar energy heat and installation trouble the problem.


Air source water heater according to the structure can be divided into one and split, integrated air source heat pump mainframe water tank is the overall design, split type is the air source heat pump mainframe and water tank separation. For the baby swimming pool recommended the use of split air source heat pump water heater, although the installation is relatively complex on the whole machine, but because it is a separate design, according to the situation of the baby swimming pool free choice of tank volume, and the heating time is shorter, Any electrical original, water and electricity separation, more secure. And integrated as a result of heating and running devices and tanks are integrated, such as failure, maintenance is also more trouble.

1. Power saving

Because the air source heat pump water heater thermal efficiency as high as 300% -500%, higher than the average water heater 4-5 times, so it is the very low cost of hot water, also power. Air source heat pump water heater daily electricity costs 1-2 yuan, compared with the general water heater, the monthly savings of about 70-80% of electricity costs.

2. Convenient and comfortable

Year-round regardless of cloudy rain and snow, 24 hours a day without interruption automatically provide hot water, even more convenient than ordinary solar water heaters.

3. Efficient dehumidification

24 hours a day maximum dehumidification capacity of 6-8 kg, rain and rainy weather effect is more obvious, especially for wet southern weather.

4. Noise is small

Air source heat pump water heater selected closed silent compressor, and in the internal use of sound-absorbing treatment, so the noise is minimal.

5. Environmental protection

Because the air source heat pump water heater does not use gas, it will not produce exhaust gas, which will not damage the ozone layer, but also because it saves power, and each time the consumption of electricity consumption, can reduce the power generation of 1.5 pounds of carbon dioxide production, also It can reduce the destruction of the ozone layer. So the use of air source heat pump water heater can also delay the "global warming." It can also play a role in the purification of indoor air.

6. safe

Air source heat pump water heater does not use gas, so you can completely rule out the safety hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning. It will not use electric heating rod heating, remove the possibility of leakage. So it is more secure.

7. Can be used for many people

Air source water heater temperature control set to 55 ℃ will automatically shut down, when the start of the use of hot water, there will be cold water into the temperature until a certain temperature, the system will automatically start every hour can produce 45- 55 ℃ hot water 100-700 L. After testing, each person shower water temperature to be 42 ℃, 40-50 L of hot water, air source heat pump water heater can be a one-time continuous to provide more than 3 shower. But the normal 3 people shower time will be 1 hour, so add hot water can be used for more people to use.

8. Air source heat pump water heater for a large range

Industrial hot water; factory bath with hot water, hospital washing, bathing hot water; school or private student dormitory, company staff quarters shower with hot water; hotels, guesthouses, hostels a large number of central heating Water bath, especially for high-rise, villa tenants and large hot water users. ; Home floor, heat sink, fan-type heating with hot water; car wash, washing and other life with hot water.

9. Installation location attention

Baby swimming pool air to hot water equipment installation location should pay attention to be able to achieve the required load-bearing, the choice of local ventilation is better, and the surrounding buildings or objects to have a certain distance, can be installed in the swimming pool at the top, outside the wall, on the ground, but attention Air source heat pump main engine outlet can not have obstacles or facing the wind direction.

10. Insulation tank selection and installation

Baby swimming pool in the choice of insulation tank, to choose a thermostat and insulation function of the tank, in general, the best performance of stainless steel liner. Operators need to estimate the traffic, consider the increase in passenger traffic factors, can choose a large capacity of the insulation tank as a preventive.

Insulation tanks are usually divided into cylindrical and square two, if space can choose a larger cylindrical, smaller selection of the square is more beautiful, the installation and air source heat pump host spacing is not too large.

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