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Through the parameters to identify how the air source heat pump is good

   In recent years, air source heat pump as a commercial, home field has a prominent performance of the rapid rise of hot water equipment, has been a lot of friends welcome and love. However, due to air source heat pump parameters are numerous, we often a little confused. Here, we teach you a little tips.

High energy efficiency level means more power saving

   Air source heat pump is respected as a new era of energy-saving equipment, in fact, by virtue of it with the traditional hot water equipment, different heating principle: heat through the refrigerant, and then power operation, resulting in hot water. Because it is from the air heat, so the heat pump whether it is to provide hot water or heating are more power.

   Look at a realistic case of data. Taihe village, Changgou town, Fangshan District, Beijing, a user, since November 10, 2016 began to use the heat pump host. Air to heat pump water temperature at about 35 ℃. The indoor temperature is stable for a long time at 18℃. Households work out during the day, so the air source heat the pump during the day is basically not running, most of the working hours are after get off work. The final settlement, the heating season one day electricity for 12 yuan, only slightly more expensive than coal, energy than a number of pure heating equipment.

   Through this example can be seen, even in the cold winter, the air can heat pump also has a very good heating efficiency, more power. According to the relevant norms, China's air source heat pump in accordance with the energy efficiency level is divided into 1 to 5 level. The higher energy efficiency level, the air source heat pump to produce the same heat, the less power consumption, in short, the more power.


Is there a need for frequency and jet enthalpy?

  In the air source heat pump, there are two special technical programs is more famous, the first is the DC inverter technology, the second is the jet enthalpy technology. Do you need to choose a heat pump with these two solutions? It depends on the specific needs.

   The air source heat pump created by air source heat pump suppliers with frequency conversion technology can be operated at different frequencies. High-frequency heating strong, low-frequency energy-saving prominent, you can have a better balance between heating and energy consumption. If there are further requirements for energy saving, you can consider. The jet enthalpy technology is developed for the low-temperature environment in the north. The use of jet enthalpy compressor and flash evaporator, to achieve "two compressions" to increase the heat pump compressor exhaust pressure. The purpose is to improve the heat pump in the low-temperature environment heating efficiency, so that heating more stable. If not the northern region of the family, generally do not need to choose such a device.

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