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Stainless Steel Bathtub

  • Model Number: KG-BT1
  • Size: 1700*914*463mm
  • Surface, Satin
  • Material thickness (mm)SS 304#: 0.8
  • Package: 1 pc/ctn plywood box package
  • Carton Volume: 1.14
  • N.W.(weight): 41kg
  • G.W.(weight): 82kg


1) Material: SS 304
2) Finish: surface can be polish finish, hair-line finish, mirror finish, or satin finish.
3) Usage: As a SS shower tray to be used at schools, public toilets, trains and government prison, etc.
4) Function: economic type, made of SS 304 or SS 316 , and with anti-rust design. Elegant and generous in appearance.



  • Experiences in manufacturing;
  • Large- scale production line and on-time delivery;
  • 100% inspection during and after production;
  • Strict delivery time;
  • Good after-sales service;
  • Reasonable price.

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Product Pictures

  • Stainless-steel-durable-big-bathroom-shower-pan--2-
  • Stainless-steel-durable-big-bathroom-shower-pan--1-
  • Stainless-steel-durable-big-bathroom-shower-pan--3-
  • Stainless-steel-durable-big-bathroom-shower-pan--4-



Layer of Electroplated


Product features

1. Of the company's products have been applied for more than 10 national patents, by the national technical supervision departments to verify compliance with quality requirements.
2. The use of national standard 304#-316# stainless steel production, safety, strong, durable.
3. Siphon flushing each water 3.8L or so, is the real water-saving seat will play (the international water saving type 6L).
4. In the strong cold and temperature change in the area of use will not burst, anti impact, shock resistance is extremely strong, bearing more than 400KG.
5. Taking without destroying the land resources, abandoned Recyclable use and with considerable recovery value.
6. Easy to clean, you can change the appearance of color according to customer requirements.
7. Can be equipped with a variety of functions of the board: automatic flushing, deodorant, antibacterial, drying, warm water hip wash, thermal insulation, automatic opening and closing, etc..
8. Wide range of application: in water shortage, alpine areas, public places, ships, containers, schools, hospitals and other places of the application, the more obvious advantage.
9. Cool style flushing free series products: using unique technology and device exemption after pee flushing, economic and durable, of water-saving environmental protection made outstanding contribution.

Packing: similar packing with difference item

Packaging Process


a) The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces
b) The Russian Federation Far East Military Engineering
c) Turkish national prison

d)  Gerogia Prison

e)  Russian Prison

f)  Italy prison

g)  Italy Army

h)  Poland Prison

i)  Turkey Prison

j)  Dubai Emerald Palace Hotel

k) The First Prize at Frankfurt at this year

Company Profile

Chuangxing specializes in the stainless steel products with 26 years experience,ranges from stainless steel toilet, stainless steel urinal to stainless steel wash basin etc. Design, drawings, processing even production all are completed indepently. Moreover, President Zheng is the standard setter of stainless steel sanitary ware. Chuangxing Product presently sell to more than 50 countries with CE and WATERMARK Certificate, and has been chosen as"The Beijing Olympic Venues Water-Saving Toilets Recommended Products", " The United Nations Peacekeeping Forces Designated Products Supplier".

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