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Stainless steel wash basin is a kind of basin that is utilized to wash hands and face with water. It is also an indispensable sanitary ware in people's daily life.
The materials used for the washbasin are ceramic, enamel pig iron, enamel steel, and terrazzo. With the development of building materials technology, new materials such as FRP, artificial marble, artificial agate and stainless steel have been introduced at home and abroad. There are many types of wash basins, but the common requirements are smooth surface, impervious to water, corrosion resistance, heat and cold resistance, easy to clean and durable.
Therefore, you should pay attention to the quality of the ceramic when choosing a stainless steel wash basin. The high-quality wash basin has a smooth glaze surface, no pinholes, bubbles, deglazing, uneven gloss, etc. The sound of hand made ceramic is relatively crisp. Inferior quality products often have blisters, bubbles, glaze, and even slight deformation, and the sound produced when tapping is dull.
There are many types of washbasins, generally the followings are common varieties.
Firstly, the angle washbasin. Because the angled stainless steel wash basin doesn't require large space, it is generally suitable for smaller toilets. After installation, the bathroom has more room for manoeuvre. Secondly, the ordinary washbasin, which is suitable for general decorative bathrooms. It's economical and practical, but not beautiful. Another is vertical washbasin that is suitable for small bathrooms. It can be matched with indoor upscale decoration and other luxury sanitary wares, which is suitable for use in high-grade decorative bathrooms. Countertops of stainless steel wash basin can be made of marble or granite.
The washbasin generally has three holes, namely, a water inlet hole, an overflow prevention hole, and a drainage hole. In order to fill the washbasin with water, the drain hole must be blocked. The drain hole is usually provided with a special plug. Some plugs can be directly opened or closed, and some can be controlled by the pull lever attached to the tap.
The faucet of the non-porous stainless steel wash basin should be installed on the countertop or installed on the wall behind the washbasin. The cold and hot water pipes of the single-hole washbasin are connected to the single-handle faucet through a hole, and the bottom of the faucet is provided with silk. The mouth is fixed on the hole with a nut and the three-hole washbasin can be equipped with a single-handle hot and cold water tap or a double-handle hot and cold water tap, and the cold and hot water pipes are respectively connected to the two ends of the tap through the holes left on both sides. The tap is also tightened with a nut and secure to the washbasin.
The stainless steel wash basin has the advantages of high temperature resistance, humidity resistance, easy cleaning, hard surface wear resistance and aging resistance. It is the mainstream product in the basin of various materials. The important reference indicators are glaze finish, brightness and water absorption of ceramics.
The product with high finish has pure color, which is not easy to hang dirty, but easy to clean, and has good self-cleaning property. When determining, you can choose to observe the surface reflection of the product carefully from the side under strong light, so that there are no small sand holes and pitting on the surface, or it is good to have a small amount of sand eyes and pitting, and it can be gently touched by hand on the surface, and it feels very smooth and fine.
The high-brightness index uses high-quality glazed materials and a very good glazing process, which is reflective and uniform to light, so that the visual effect is good.
The water absorption index refers to the ceramic stainless steel wash basin having a certain adsorption and penetration ability to water. The lower the water absorption rate, the better the product. If the water is sucked into the ceramic, the ceramic will have a certain expansion, and the glazed surface of the ceramic surface is easily swollen and cracked, especially for toilets, products with high water absorption rate that are easy to inhale the dirt and odor in the water into the ceramic, after a long time, there will be odors that cannot be removed. Thus, choosing and preserving the stainless steel wash basin are equally indispensable.