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Will hair fall again after hair transplant? How long can it last?


This mainly depends on what causes your hair loss.

If you don’t lose your hair, but you just have hair defects, such as scars, hairline and other problems, then you won’t lose your hair after transplanting, so don’t worry too much.

If it is male hair loss, that is, seborrheic alopecia, a large number of hair follicles in the hair loss area are necrotic, and the remaining hair follicles are not enough to cover the scalp. The transplanted hair will no longer fall off, but the primary hair will continue to be affected by estrogen. May continue to fall off.

But under normal circumstances, don’t worry too much, because when transplanting hair, enough hair follicles will be transplanted. Even if the original hair falls off, it is more dense than hair transplantation, and the image is still greatly improved.

Everyone should understand that the grown hair follicles are healthy and long-lived hair follicles. They can also be trimmed and dyed without special maintenance. Under the condition of normal human body skills, they can remain permanent for life. However, if the work and rest are irregular, the black and white are always reversed, or after the age of 60, the body's functions will decline, and the hair follicles will also be the same, which will affect the growth of hair.

Therefore, if it is a normal work and rest, the effect of hair transplantation can generally be maintained until about 60 years old. The hair transplant tube is deceptive for life. Generally speaking, after the hair loss is stable, and if the hair transplant conditions are met, the general hair transplant effect can be maintained until about 60 years old.


How many hair transplants can a person do in his life?

This depends on what technique is used for the hair transplant.


If it is FUT technology, it can be taken up to 2-3 times depending on the condition of the scalp.

The scalp, like the skin of other parts of the human body, has a certain degree of elasticity. When the width of the scalp is within 2cm, it can be directly drawn and sutured. From a microscopic point of view, the average hair spacing around the hair removal area is slightly increased, but from an intuitive point of view, there is no obvious difference. Especially when the hair grows long, it is covered from top to bottom, which hardly affects the appearance. Therefore, after a certain period of recovery of the scalp, it can be taken 2-3 times repeatedly.

If it is FUE technology, in principle, as long as the rear occipital resources are sufficient, you can always do hair transplantation.

According to an average person, there are about 100,000 hair follicle units, and the back occiput is three times the size of the front hair. It can be estimated that 40,000 to 50,000 hair follicle units can be extracted. If 2000 follicle units are planted each time, 20+ can be planted...Of course this is just a theoretical calculation. After being planted so many times, the hair is very sparse. Hair transplantation is generally not recommended. After all, hair transplantation is a means to improve hair loss. If the overall beauty is affected, it is contrary to the original intention of beauty.


How often can I do it again after the hair transplant?

If the area of ​​hair loss is too large, it will be repaired multiple times if it cannot be repaired once.

If the hair loss area is too large, the number of hair follicle units that need to be extracted will correspondingly increase. Although there are very many hairs in the posterior occiput, due to the large amount of hair extracted, the amount of hair extracted at a time will increase correspondingly to the wound of the scalp. The distance between the extractable hair follicles is shortened, so that the recovery of the back occiput is slower, and it is easy to affect the appearance of the back occiput. Our raw brazilian hair vendors hair transplantation must ensure the planting effect and the beauty of the back occiput. With the second encryption, the hair follicles have a large extraction space and less wounds. This solution will be more effective for people with large areas of hair loss.

Different hair transplant techniques have different intervals between two operations.

For example, if the FUT technique is used, because the wound is larger and the healing time is longer, it will take a year before the second operation can be performed again.

If it is FUE technology, it is generally possible to perform secondary encryption after half a year. Of course, each person's physical condition is different, and you should get the hospital for diagnosis.